Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shop Local: Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery in Germanton, NC

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery is an easy drive from Winston-Salem, just a few minutes down NC 8.

Buffalo Creek is a family run farm, ethically raising and direct marketing meats with no added hormones and no antibiotics. Their animals are being raised in a natural environment, enjoying winter hay produced right on the farm with no sprays or commercial fertilizers.
Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery recently became a Grade B Dairy, and their raw milk aged farmstead cheeses are made with milk only from their herd.    Their cheeses are aged from two to eight months in both natural rinds and wax rinds.

Take a peek inside the creamery!

In addition to their goat's milk cheeses, farm-fresh eggs, farmstead meats and goat milk soap, Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery offers an array of local foods from other local growers.  The onsite store is filled with country ham, jellies, candy and honey.  There are also handmade crafts and gifts available.
Be Loyal, Buy Local

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery has made a commitment to purchase and use the services of locally owned businesses.

"Supporting Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC supports our family as well as other local farmers while also tantalizing your taste buds!

Our mission is to bring our farm's
 fresh meats, eggs and goat cheese, along with other local food, to the tables of families and restaurants throughout the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Not only do we provide delicious, healthful and flavorful food to consumers, but you provide us an opportunity for economic advancement in our rural community of Germanton, NC by supporting Piedmont agriculture."

We stopped by Buffalo Creek earlier this week with my girls and a young friend of ours.  Robin greeted us, talked to us about the animals on the farm and and let us enjoy the view for a few minutes.  (This is a working farm;  not a petting farm.  According to their website, they do have plans in the future for small tours.)  Here's a quick clip from our visit to the farm.

While we were there, we bought honey produced by Tyson's Farm from Madison, NC and apple butter made by Mother Holtz Farm in Germanton.  We were surrounded by so much local yumminess it was really hard to stick to my budget and just buy those two items. Each girl was also given a page of lamb themed stickers.  They had a great time!

Another wonderful thing about Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery is that they are the only public pick-up location in Forsyth County for Piedmont Local Food.  This virtual farmers market connects growers to chefs and individuals through buying clubs.  "Not only does it provide delicious, healthful and flavorful food to consumers, but it provides an opportunity for economic advancement in rural communities and supports the Piedmont agrarian tradition."--

There are many great reasons to shop the Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery.  Be Loyal, Buy Local!

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