Friday, November 2, 2012

Bicycling in Greensboro

Greensboro is a bicycle friendly city!  The city has an established bike route system,  with a BiPed Plan in place that includes bicycle lanes, edgelines and greenways appropriate for biking.  Greensboro's Urban Area Bicycle Map includes safety tips and suitability ratings to help you plan your route and ride safely.

Greensboro offers many safety videos, including Bicycle Guide to a Safe Ride.  North Carolina law requires wearing a helmet when bike riding.  Find out here how to properly fit one!

There are lots of good tips for bicycle safety, as well as preventing bicycle theft here.   15-20 bicycles are stolen each month in Greensboro, and registering your bike will help the police recover it if it is stolen.

Greensboro's Code of Ordinances requires that residents register their bicycles.   Children's bicycles need to be registered by the child's parent or legal guardian.  Registration is free and simple, and can be completed online or by printing the form and sending the application through the mail.

When your registration is complete, you'll receive a registration sticker to place on the bicycle.   

Looking for someone to ride with?  Find meetups here.  Also check out Bicycling in Greensboro, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming Greensboro into a more bicycle friendly community. The Velo Club is also a great place to meet fellow bikers.

Need Repairs?  Greensboro Bicycle Shops...

Cycles De Oro Inc
1410 Mill St, Ste 100
Greensboro, NC

Recycles Bicycle Shop

908 Spring Garden St
Greensboro, NC

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