Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greensboro Children's Museum-- $10 off Membership in September

Family membership to the Greensboro Children's Museum includes a lot! You get
The month of September is Membership Appreciation Month, and the museum offers $10 off the membership price through September 30!  That brings the membership price down to only $85 for two adults and all household children... which seems like a lot, but consider this.  

Adults and ages 12months+  tickets are $7.00 each.  That's an admission cost of $28 for a family of four, more than  my prescribed price range of less than $20 for a family of four.   If you visit the museum four times a year, you have already saved money by purchasing a membership!  If you go once a month, you're almost making money!  (Okay, that last part's a stretch.)  If you visit the museum with your family once a month, that brings the total cost to just over $7.00 each visit... now that's a deal!

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