Thursday, November 13, 2014

Piedmont Triad Living Welcomes Stephanie Barclay

Stephanie sings backup for Big Daddy Love at their October 4, 2014 CD Release Party at Ziggy's
Photo Credit: Jenny L Viars, Dancing Lemur Photography
Piedmont Triad Living is very excited to have Stephanie Barclay as a new contributor!  Stephanie is an amazing artist/singer/writer and we're thrilled that she is joining us.  She has a witty, insightful and raw style that will bring a great perspective in observation of our area and it's events.

Born in Upstate New York, Stephanie Barclay has lived in the Piedmont Triad since 1979.  Now in her 40s, Steph enjoys downtown art events and the occassional karaoke.  From early childhood, she has always been most in her element when involved in one creative process or another.  

Stephanie's loyal transportation for many years.  Below is a detail of the side artwork.

Side Artwork, in detail, by Stephanie Barclay

Some know Steph's old truck from the side, many more know it from the rear.  

Stephanie has lived and worked in the Downtown Winston-Salem area for most of her adult life.  She currently has artwork displayed at West End Coffeehouse, 390 N Broad Street in Winston-Salem.   She will also soon be on display at the Clubhouse Salon for Men at 505 N Cherry Street in downtown Winston-Salem.

"Leftover Pizza" Hand Done by Stephanie Barclay

Stephanie's writing style will captivate you as she explores and enjoys what makes the Piedmont Triad home.  Living laughing loving playing and shopping local. 

Welcome, Stephanie!

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