Wednesday, November 26, 2014

La Casa Lopez Mexican Grill

By Denton Gerow

I got spoiled in California with fresh, family made Mexican food.  I found some okay places around but none of them could match up in flavor or that 'you're home' kind of hospitality I had come to enjoy.

Then I found La Casa Lopez Mexican Grill, 3028 Healy Dr. Winston Salem.  The Lopez family runs this corner restaurant in the strip plaza just off of Stratford Rd.    They make you feel like you are a long lost friend the first time you walk in the door and it only gets better from there.  They respect when you need some quiet time and they make a large group feel like they each are important to them.

Their menu has something for everyone.  From the best ChoriQueso dip to vegetarian options, to seafood and a wide range of classic dishes, everything here that I have tasted has been delicious.

Among of my favorites to order are the Lunch Special Nachos, a pile of chips, with the meat of your choice, covered in cheese dip, homemade guacamole, salsa and creme fresh with lettuce and tomatoes.  

If you are hungry, can't make up your mind, or want to split something, try the Special Dinner.  It takes up to three plates to be delivered, You get a burrito, chalupa, chili relleno, beef enchillada, beef taco, refried beas, and rice  All for $10.49.  

On a quest for trying different flavors I once ordered the Burrito a la Roqueta.  Two burritos filled with tender delicious carnitas (pork), covered in verde sauce and served with pico de gallo and rice.  This dish is awesome and I highly suggest it.

On a warm day or nice night, be sure to ask to sit on the patio, smoking allowed.  Oh and don't forget they have inexpensive draft beers.

I don't miss those spots in California anymore.

Welcome New Contributor Denton Gerow!

Denton was born in Charlotte, but has lived all over the eastern seaboard and in California.  An avid Foodie, he prefers to eat at local joints, hole in the walls and the oft missed.  Denton loves to cook and share his passions for food, cigars, beer and more.

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