Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wanted: Salvage Grocery Store in the Piedmont Triad

Help answer this question for a 
Jill is in Greensboro and is looking for a salvage grocery store: 

"I would love to find a salvage grocery store here!!!! We had one where we used to live called Dings N Dents. Its not like aldi or save a lot... its a store where you get groceries that may be close to date or things that were never bought... also similar to Sharp shopper in Virginia. Is there anything like that here??? There's a random question for you! I asked one other person and no one had a clue in the world what I was talking about."  

We've found two salvage groceries in the Piedmont Triad:

Food Depot
3137 US Hwy 64 E
Mocksville, NC 27028
M-F 10-7 Sat 9-6
Credit Cards Discover EBT

Holly Hill Salvage
13 Boyles St Number 2
Thomasville, NC 27360
M-Sat 9-6
Credit Cards EBT

Do you have recommendations for Jill?
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  1. How about the discount salvage house in sedge garden, I no they carry food like that but they just have a section they do have a facebook page. I have gotten food there before...

  2. Is this the long gray building that's on Kernersville Road close to Linville?

  3. I was going to suggest the salvage the both of the previous commenters are referring to :)


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