Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: The Tyler Nail Trio at Jamestown's Turntable

By: Abebi Stafford

A visit to Turntable, located in 
Jamestown near High Point, was quite an unexpected and pleasant surprise.   It is an intimate setting where musicians and audience members can really connect with each other; a band playing to a full viewing house is about 30 individuals.  Walls are decorated with historic and iconic album covers from artist such as John Coltrane, and Steely Dan for texture and soft lighting for ambiance.   Turntable is reminiscent of a high school, or college house party with a live band for entertainment.  The bar is stocked with wine and beer, coffee and tea, as well as light snacks to enjoy while listening to music if you have the taste for it.  If you want to hear good music and have a homey feel while doing so then Turntable is your spot.

The Tyler Nail trio also consists of Quique Rodriguez-Pastor -bass, and Johnathan Loos-guitar.   All the musicians are solid players and each individual has an album as a leader.  Original, inspired, gritty at times, folk music filled the building for a few hours.   Tyler and Johnathan’s smooth voices work well together harmonizing with one another while they play and Quique lays out the low tones underneath it all.  One feels as if they are driving the road with one’s own thoughts for a couple of the nostalgic inspired tunes. Tyler Nail loves his guitar and it is absolutely apparent to the audience.

Addendum (January 3, 2015), from the Facebook page of Turntable: We're sad to announce that this message comes with the unfortunate news that as of January 1st, 2015, Turntable has officially closed its doors.
Original music, art, and the creative spirit; these were the threads that intertwined a community that has continued to grow over these past two years. Our goal was to create a space for musicians and listeners alike, where all were respected and had the opportunity to truly be heard.
We cannot thank you, our community, enough for your continued patronage, support, and belief in all that is Turntable. Although the business will no longer be open, the spirit of Turntable will most definitely live on contributing to the music community that exists around us. So be on the look out in the coming months. We love you all!

About Abebi Stafford: Abebi is a local jazz pianist and composer. Born in Minnesota, Abebi relocated to Winston-Salem two years ago. Abebi has headlined two major jazz festivals, performed in such cities as Berlin, Munich, Nuremburg, Frankfurt, Paris and Prague and has toured the Southeast United States as a performer. Abebi has produced three albums compiled of mostly original works. He is currently working as a solo artist and featured artist at such local venues as Crown and Cork, Tate's, Krankie's WS Shuffle, Arts on Sunday, Kernersville's Spring Folly and the Wayne County Jazz Showcase. Abebi is working on his fourth album. You can purchase any of Abebi's albums on cdbaby.

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