Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Best Part, of Waking Up

By Michael

A Day, great& dreadful, created to be long-remembered... In lieu of gazing at the Moon, I was nourished by the Ionic Sun* that poured thru the plastic pane of the city bus window.

No matter that it was brisk outdoors, I was lamping in the mansion, right here on this plastic seat, stationed in the back of the city bus wit' my feet kicked up in the seat before me...

I had been studying Light* for many moons, my latest& greatest light being Shanee Karriem^^... We had been building, by power-he-one (phone), for a while, so after much-ado, We were to meet at the coffee shop, on Trade. . .

The Sun* was breaking into illustrious bands of light as it pass'd thru the window pane... In my heart, I experienced an acute camaraderie wit' the people, as We traveled downtown, on a soul plane.

Surely The People could sense the brilliance of the moment as We were all illumined, at the will of the ebb&flow of shadows that breathed on the walls of the bus, as We came thru East Winston.

"Shanee Karriem...", her name escaped my lips in a breath. . .

The bus pulled into the terminal, and the door jerked ajar, vomiting it's human contents back to the realm of the cold, the unforgiving streets. All is well in my soul as the promise of love add'd an ever-vigilant spring to my step as I got closer to my Ionic Sun*, while not a Sun* of the Heavens, One Who warm'd my heart, nonetheless...

Her brilliance stunned me upon my entrance, her golden hue especially familiar thru my study of Light*... I'll never forget, two bird lips blowing pucker'd bliss over a hot tea... Eyes, shining like emeralds, set in the purest of gold... Long brown locks that appeared to have been dipped in turmeric, her wisdom so seasoned... a petite toe ring on nibbly toes, that made my breath catch in my chest...

I ❤ Her^^

"I'd like the Dark Columbian roast" I ordered from the mean owner of the shop, Chelsea, whom I had just bombed on a few days prior because of her flagrantly rude behavior.

She fixed my order with a grunt, as I studied Shanee Karriem, from across the room.....

"Mmm, mmm.... " I am without words, born u truth, I better found some, like now!

"Thank you.." I gave Miss Chelsea a few bucks for the joe, then I enter'd Light*

I am eternally grateful, for Her ... Shanee Karriem

1/5/2008 - 1/5/2015

About Michael: Michael aspires to be an upwardly mobile natural scientist whose life imitates the art he manifests in time/space. In this fashion, history is written in advance, so be mindful of the falling away of the hard shell, the haunts of the past, as he articulates his own self-defined hereafter. When a seed is born, so is a Universe; thus expansion is to the infinite.

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