Thursday, January 15, 2015

HanesTowne Village Announcement with Links

Here's a line-up of the establishments announced to open at HanesTowne Village, located on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem where the old Hanes Mill Outlet used to sit.  Click on any business name to visit their website.

Tijuana Fats
Walmart Neighborhood Market (already open)

There is also proposed Coffee Shop,  Office Building and Retail space.  The map includes a walking path and what appears to be a small pond.

To see a map of the HanesTowne Village shopping center, please click here to see it on

The old Hanes Mill Outlet at Stratford Road and Ricks Drive in Winston-Salem, NC.
HanesTowne Village is now occupying the land where Hanes Mill Outlet stood.

Photograph by Jessica st Lewis

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