Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bike Sharing in Winston-Salem!

Did you know Winston-Salem now has bike sharing stations?  With eight locations in the city, it's easy to pick up or drop off a bike. Most locations are downtown, with two peripheral sites available.

Bike Share station across from AFAS at 7th and Liberty

There are two options for membership; bikes can be rented hourly or you can buy an annual membership.  Hourly rental is $3/hour (up to $24/ride) or annual membership is $30/year with trips under one hour free (after one hour rental fee is $3/hour).  Each station has posted instructions.  Access to the bicycles is granted through the Zagster app, or you can gain access by text.

After you've joined, you can follow the simple instructions posted on each bike.  First, you find your bike's number (located on the rear) and enter it into the Zagster app to get a unique unlock code.  Next, enter the unlock code into the on-bike keypad, and after the ring lock opens, you can remove the docking cable from the side of the ring lock.

So, what kind of bike are you riding?  This 7 gear cruiser has an adjustable seat height to fit most adult riders.  For safety, each bike has automatic front and rear lights.  Each bicycle also has a convenient basket attached.  Bring your own helmet.

Bikes can be picked up and dropped off 24/7.  They do not have to be dropped off at the same station from which it was picked up.  Current rental stations include: Arts District (7th and Liberty, across from AFAS), the Convention Center (5th and Cherry), the Theater District (across the street from Foothills), 4th and Trade, 4th and Liberty, Bailey Park (4th and Patterson), Gateway Bike (by the YWCA), and Salem Lake.

Winston-Salem is a great fit for bike sharing.  With eleven current greenways (and two more in the planning stages), it's easy to see why our city was selected to be a part of bike sharing!

You can also download the city's bike routes here.

For more information about Zagster bike sharing, check out their website.

By Jessica Thomas Lewis

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