Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bailey Park in Downtown Winston-Salem

Downtown Winston-Salem has another great place to hang out. Bailey Park, located on Patterson Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Street is located in the Innovation Quarter. We found this park to have soft, luscious green grass in an urban green space oasis. 

Bailey Park is 1.6 acres of publicly available space. There is a large grassy area with fun mural on the wall that acts as the base to the stage and patio area. 

Bailey Park has a covered stage, restroom facilities, and food truck court, in addition to the big grassy area. There are brightly colored tables and chairs in the stage area. A few tables have large umbrellas. There is a comfortable decline on the lawn and the kids rolled down a few times. There is also flat area.

Parking seems easy, with lots of spots directly in front. There is additional street parking and there are parking decks close by. There is a bike rack. 

There is still a lot of renovation taking place around Bailey Park. It is within walking distance of the Arts District with retail and restaurants very close by. The park is 5 minutes from both Business 40 and 52.

This park is great to bring a blanket and a book, a soccer ball or frisbee, or a picnic lunch. This is a wonderful space in our up and coming downtown.

We love the 525@Vine building (our family just calls it the "at" building.)  Our home is 10 minutes from downtown, and the "at" building is a cool thing to pass as we head home, especially at night.   

 View directly across the street from Bailey Park
There is still lots of renovation taking place, as you can see in the gutted buildings behind the park.
There is a sign stating that this building, located between the two smokestacks, is soon going to house restaurant and retail. 

What's your favorite "new" place in Downtown Winston-Salem.  Please leave a comment!

All photos by Jessica st Lewis.
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