Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kernersville, NC Railroad Depot

We pass it daily, and yesterday stopped to climb the old train at Kernersville's train depot, which has been restored in the last few years.  It's located on the outskirts of downtown, at the intersection of Main Street and Bodenhamer Street (66).

In 1873, Kernersville built four miles of railroad track to complete the connection between Greensboro and Winston-Salem.  A depot was also constructed, and it is now the second oldest in western North Carolina.  The building consists of an office and a waiting room, separated by a wall, with a fireplace in each room.

Following the Civil War, this railroad connection allowed Kernersville to become a strong tobacco town.  Kernersville had five tobacco factories, two tobacco warehouses, and other related industries.  A fancy passenger and freight depot was constructed directly across the railroad tracks from the one still standing, and it was demolished by the Southern Railroad in 1985. 
Funds have been procured to further renovate the depot, which will include the ticket waiting room and office.

The track, looking east, with Highland Industries to the right.

The depot is not a destination.  Quite frankly, there's nothing there but the one dilapidated train car and the locked depot.  Looking through the windows of the depot, one can see two mannequins dressed in period attire.  Nothing can be seen through a window on the train car.  The girls did have a great time climbing up onto the car and "steering".  The depot is beside a second track that does receive train traffic, although I'm not sure how you could find out the schedule.  We can sometimes hear the train whistle from our apartment, and we did hear it 1:34pm on a Friday.  I'm not sure if the train runs on a schedule.  It would be very cool for the kids to see the train pass from the depot if you happened to be there at the right time. 
All of the banks are just around the corner... the girls are enjoying their lollipops, too.

There are lots of great, locally owned shops within walking distance.  It's also just down the street from two fantastic parks.  Fourth of July Park is about a mile west, with an entrance on Bodenhamer or West Mountain.  And Triad Park is a few miles east.  Or you could visit Kernersville Lake Park.  I also love the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens on Main Street.  And just down the street from the Botanical Gardens is Korner's Folly, the world's most unusual house.  While the Kernersville Railroad Depot may not be a destination, it can definitely be a part of a fun filled day in the Heart of the Triad.

Located at the entrance of Fourth of July Park, the Piney Grove School has been decorated for the holidays.

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  1. I passed by this railroad track the other day and I thought it looked so cool! I want to go back to 4th of July Park when it gets warmer..that's the nicest park I have ever been too!!!


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